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Player's Handbook My take on what 3rd edition should have been!  It borrows heavily from C&C, D&D 3.X, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (both 1st & 2nd Edition).   I do not claim to be the original author of all of this document's content.  Here are links to the front and rear covers. 

Dungeon Master's Guide

Here is my completed DMG.  Here are links to the front and rear covers. 

Level Titles For those who like that old, AD&D, feel.  I don't use them but I get wistful looking at them.
Monster Conversion Guide A quick guide to converting creatures on-the-fly, for use in your AD&D3 game.
* Some passages, mainly "fluff text" including the race & class descriptions, are excerpts coming from various D&D books of all editions and/or the previous source material.  Their use is not meant to challenge the copyrights or trademarks of the rightful authors or owners.
Character Sheet New and improved, this sheet is better organized than the old sheet.
Group Record Sheet Helps you keep track of your player's abilities and, hopefully, speed up your game.
Reference Sheets Perfect for creating your own DM screen using a customizable GM screen.
Fate Points Optional rules for more cinematic, pulpy gaming.
Fixed Hit Points I used this in my game to boost starting hit points, while cutting down in hit point escalation and variation, at high levels.  It makes starting player characters less fragile and helps make combat less swing-y.
Wild Magic When you really want to get crazy with AD&D spellcasting madness.

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Castle & Crusades Character Sheet

An old-school Excel sheet for Castles & Crusades that is almost as hardcore as writing up your character on a sheet of looseleaf paper. 

Castles & Crusades Monsters

For those without Monsters & Treasures, here's sample of creatures for use in your C&C game.

Mad Irishman's Old-School Sheets

This pdf sheet allows you to customize it in various ways to suit your character and/or design preferences.  WOW!!!


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D&D Homepage

Wizards of the Coast's official website for the granddaddy of all RPGs... D&D.
Frog God Games Picking up in the footsteps of Necromancer Games (which they have acquired), Frog God Games is releasing excellent materials for Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder

Troll Lord Games

Creators of The Castles & Crusades Society, a pseudo-hybrid of 3rd and 1st edition that is rules-lite and has an old-school charm about it.  Their forums are a great source of ideas and game-related news.

TSR Archives Lists and organizes nearly every product that has ever come out for the Dungeons & Dragons game... in all of its incarnations.  A great resource!

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Dungeons & Dragons My site for incarnations of D&D, past and present.  It includes reference sheets, links, rule clarifications, etc.
Gaile My homebrew setting for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons can be found at this site, along with maps, and reference sheets.
Greyhawk How can any nerd NOT have a Greyhawk site?  This has maps, reference documents and links related to the Greyhawk setting.


All sorts of material for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game is available on this site, including maps, reference sheets, historical notes and rule clarifications.

Castles & Crusades and C&C are owned by Troll Lord Games.  The 'D20 System,' 'D20 System logo,' Dungeons & Dragons, and D&D are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast.  Banner image by David A Trampier.  Website 2014 by Chris Perkins